Useful file for 2007 Teacher Bharti, UCHATAR PAGAR DHORAN ane SALANG NOKRI GANATRI MATE.

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Useful file for year 2007 Teacher Bharti

Useful file for 2007 Teacher Bharti, UCHATAR PAGAR DHORAN ane SALANG NOKRI GANATRI MATE.

                Namaskar Saraswat Friends, 2007 Recruitment Friends who are included in the full salary on or after January 2, 2012. As there is a datafatching error to approve higher salary standard as per the Government rules, such friends are advised to accept the seventh payroll option - 1, ie from January 2016. If the acceptor is calculated in such a way, then the eligible arrears and recovery will have to be calculated as follows.

                    The teacher teaches students the letter pattern to practice up, middle, downletters. Students will write in beautiful curved letters as instructed by the teacher. The teacher will present various rhymes, action songs by performing proper motivations, ragas and acting in front of the students, the students will also perform with the teacher. The teacher will perform and perform first with himself and then with the students. First, he will sing and enjoy the rhyme / action song in the group and then individually.

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File ma kai Bhul dekhay to Contect kari sako chho.
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                The teacher will prepare letters for the withdrawal game, namely the names of the various businessmen. Other students will give names of practitioners identifying acting. The teacher will identify the colors and shapes by the following activities. The teacher will place the different color names on different boxes and paste them on the table. Then give the students white paper pieces and ask them to fill in the desired color. 
The student will place a piece of paper in the corresponding box reading the color names on the complete box. The teacher will present the rhyme to the students with the correct accent. Then the teacher will introduce the rhyme with acting and gestures. Then the students will sing a set of rhymes. Line by line The teacher himself will sing and ask the students to postpone.  Then make students rhymes with acting and gestures. Students will sing group songs as well as individually. This way will introduce different rhymes in the class.
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